Who am I?

Hi, I'm Ivana. A young professional with a passion for media and the creative processes utilizing modern technologies.

Personality type is described as the mastermind, scientist or simplified as INTJ.

Startup enthusiast, music lover and daily inspiration seeker.

Lifetime student of personal growth.

More about me.


Passion & Interest

Love being involved in strategy making processes, working behind the scenes as support for projects and events that make a difference. 

Keeping updated on digital trends in media and tech (i.e.: wearable tech, social, fashion, health, and wellness...).

Traveling. Blogging. Content marketing.

More about current/past projects here.

Work Experience

Online public relations, online marketing, journalism, event and project management.

Experience varies from Community Manager in PR agency, Project Manager at an NGO,  Event, Marketing and PR manager for the cultural institution, various festivals/projects/startups, and small business Online Media Consultant.                                     Read more about my work experience


Why me?

I'm an analytical problem solver, eager to improve systems and processes with innovative ideas. Knowledgeable, and adaptable. Achievement oriented. Resilience: optimism, confidence, and creativity. 

I'm looking for a position or paid internship in a digital department anywhere in the world (including Croatia) at an English speaking, forward thinking company where I can continue to grow. Startups welcome.